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Rev. Bradley Johnson




Originally hailing from Burlington, Ontario, Fr. Bradley more recently joins the The Church of the Epiphany from Brantford, Ontario. Bradley was priested  November 30, 2015 and faithfully served the parishes of Grace Church, Brantford, St. James', Brantford, Trinity, Burford and All Saints, Mt. Pleasant in the context of regional ministry. Bradley's passions include Liturgy, Theoloogy, Church history and the Bible (as well as Sunday afternoon football!!). Bradley brings with him a strong preaching and teaching ministry, with a focus on Christian discipleship and education. In his spare time he enjoys reading, sailing, playing tennis and cooking for his wonderful family including his wife Laura and their son Oscar.





Priest and Pastor Page


 Dear friends,

With the arrival of Advent we begin our countdown to Christmas day. Advent is a season
characterized by anticipation, preparation and waiting, but it often stokes a kind of excitement as
well. For when that fateful day of Christmas does arrive it will bring with it all kinds of
celebration and joy. It will bring with it a profound happiness and peace. It will also, of course,
bring with it a message that our world desperately needs to hear.
In a time when we see so many struggling with material, mental, physical, spiritual and
emotional challenges, we need that “Christmas spirit” to give us faith, courage and hope. We
need it to soften our hearts and encourage us to be more kind to one another, to help the less
fortunate and the lonely, to think more of others than ourselves, to think more about people than
about possessions.
This “Christmas spirit” has, of course, only one source — it is the person of Jesus Christ.
Yes, the one who came to us as a helpless baby in Bethlehem is the same one who can fill our
hearts with everything that is good and right. It is this Christ who makes our hearts glow with
love and friendship and prompts us to do kind and generous deeds for others, to bring joy to
those who need it most.
As we approach the close of another year, I would like to thank all of you who give of
your time, talents and treasure in order for us at The Church of the Epiphany to continue to be
the vibrant Christ-centred community that we are. Your generosity has enabled us to share the
joy of the Gospel through our worship of God, fellowship and pastoral care, learning and growth,
outreach and mission. As a church, we rely on generous December offerings to meet our
financial obligations. Therefore I humbly ask you, at this time of generosity and gift giving, to
consider offering a special Christmas gift for the mission and ministry of our church. It is well
needed and we would be ever so grateful.
In closing, let me say that it is my sincerest prayer that God will richly bless you during
this exceptionally holy time, and that we are very much looking forward to seeing you when we
do, especially in the next few weeks.
In Christ,
The Rev’d Fr. Bradley Johnson


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Donate Today



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    Messy Church, "The Journey Continues as we Follow the Star" Come join us for Activities, Sons, Food, Crafts, Games, Stories and a meal together.
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Church of the Epiphany
Dundas and Wellington
560 Dundas St.
Woodstock, Ontario,
Canada, N4S 1C7
Telephone: 519-537-3921





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If you are interested in putting flowers on the Altar starting

Jan. 1 2020 please call Joyce Gray or leave a message in the church office.



2020 church offering envelopes are now available at the back of the church. Please pick up your box today. Pre-Authorized forms are at theback of the church if you would like to sign up for that.











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